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Zero to Hero Course on Video Marketing (This Skill Will Give You 100X ROI)

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This is the most important course for you in your journey to making massive income online in 2021 and beyond…

Becoming video marketer is one of the best decisions in my life.

In year 2019, I was broke and my rent was due, and I wanted to relocate because I needed it badly to improve my mental health, I had an upcoming wedding to prepare for by December of the same year.

I had to borrow money from people; my fiancée, best friend, and a senior colleague. It was that bad!

If I did not borrow, my landlord will evict me out of the house, I will be disgraced in the street where everyone greet me with respect, this thought alone continued to haunt me.

I looked at my entire cryptocurrency portfolio, all the coins I bought already lost 83% of their value. Selling all will result to massive loss.

Owing debt was my worst nightmare. Yes, I am not doing badly as a trader, but the overall market condition was critical and it taught us a lot of lessons.

I did not have anything, but I remembered that I attended a training on video production and editing in 2018. Quickly, I began to market this skills to a couple of companies outside Nigeria.

What happened? 3 of these guys accepted my offer… BOOM!

The rest is history, and this is how I am able to pay my debt. I have discovered the gem in video marketing and nothing will stop me from making video that sells for companies.


Video makers are different from video marketers, don’t get it twisted, those who can create video that sells are the kings in the digital marketing world. I am going to make you a

93 percent of people that make videos don’t know sh*t about video marketing, they will never be able to make what I made in a week even when they work full time for a year. I am saying this with full confidence.

This is what I am going to teach you in this course.

To be honest with you, if 50,000 is what you are earning per month in Nigeria, . You will never be able to have any savings let alone having enough to buy dream house for yourself.

You will lose respect of family and friends, this is the obvious truth in life.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • · Print money with your laptop even when you don’t know how to make sales video before
  • · Use Wondershares Filmora video editing software to create incredible videos
  • · Earn like crazy with a video software that I will share with you
  • · Get lots of clients with my evergreen proposal template, this is available in the course
  • · Take advantage of my copywriting codes and whaoo your clients with it, they will be forced to recommend you to more clients
  • · Swiftly make promotional video that sells in less than an hour


  • · 183 Days of  Mentorship: I will continue to help you in a private group in the best possible way until you become an expert video marketer
  • · Free access to premium video editing software with keys
  • How to Earn Even When You Don't Have Clients
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Zero to Hero Course on Video Marketing (This Skill Will Give You 100X ROI)

6 ratings
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